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Terms & Conditions

Terms of Use
  • The purpose of our website is to offer complete information about our business Hygia Balm, and our activities and provide all potential customers easy access to our product range. Your browsing through the website or placing an order with us will automatically signify an acceptance of our terms & conditions and privacy policy. So, we strongly suggest you go through them before engaging with our site or our products. In case you object to any statement mentioned on our website, we recommend you quit browsing without any further engagement.
  • We hold copyright over all the information included on this website. No third parties have any right to publish, re-use, extract or distribute any part of the content without our permission.
Order and Shipment
  • Once you place the order, we will timely update you regarding the status of your order via email. This includes order confirmation, delivery status, shipment, etc.
  • The prices and product availability are subject to changes without any prior notice. A product mentioned on the website doesn’t necessarily signify its availability. You will be informed about the availability or non-availability of products during the checkout process.
  • All sales are final; the orders placed with us will not be cancelled under any circumstances. We don’t accept any returns or exchanges unless the products arrive in a damaged condition or you receive an incorrect order. In both these cases, the products are to be returned unused, in their original condition.
  • We offer free shipping for orders above $25. For all orders priced less, a delivery charge of $8.99 will be levied.
  • Make sure to enter your correct shipping address during checkout. If the order gets misplaced because of an address error, we at Hygia Balm will not be held responsible.
Product Use & Result Guarantee
  • All our products are made with the best quality materials without adding any additives. It’s a proven concoction that will be beneficial for your skin. But we at Hygia Balm in no way guarantee results. Depending upon your skin condition or type, the result might vary or take longer.
  • We only use natural ingredients to ensure there are no adverse effects, but go through the ingredients list before determining product suitability for your skin. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients listed, please refrain from using the product.
Promotional Offers & Product Prices
  • All promotional offers are time-sensitive and will be valid only for a limited timeframe.
  • We at Hygia Balm have the full authority to discontinue or launch any offers at any time.
  • All product prices are subject to change without prior notice, but these changes will be timely updated on our website.
Changes to Terms & Conditions

We at Hygia Balm hold the full authority to update our terms and conditions whenever required without prior notice, and all such changes will be effective immediately. Your continued use of the website would mean accepting of the updated terms and conditions. So, we recommend you read through the terms and conditions every time you browse our website or place an order with us.

In case you have any questions or objections regarding our terms and conditions, write to us at

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