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Hygia Balm, A Nourishing Touch to Your Skin

With the goodness of Hygia’s organic concoction, rejuvenate your skin and activate its natural healing capacity.

Blended with the hydrating and healing power of Manuka honey, the anti-aging property of Olive Oil and the moisturising element of Beeswax, our Hygia Balm is effective on all skin types. A fusion of ancient natural ingredients and modern science, Hygia Balm is proven to assist dry and cracking skin and is also effective against skin ailments like burns and rashes.

Our Hygia Balm was first developed to cure a rare skin condition, but our new and improved version is the nourishing touch your skin needs. Initially a homemade skin remedy developed by the founder’s grandmother, today it’s a professionally made and tested organic mix following clean and sustainable beauty standards. While retaining the goodness of a handmade solution, Hygia balm is now better and more effective with a professional touch and adherence to Australian standards.

With zero additives, Hygia Blam is a proven solution with zero side effects. Perfect for daily use, it will nurture your skin and leave you with a soft, gorgeous glow.

See below for real-world results and feedback from our satisfied customers!

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A Simple Routine for Healthy & Happy Skin

Our Collection

Our range of all natural Hygia Balm moisturiser products and gift boxes.

An Organic Mix for Healthy & Glowing Skin

Say yes to deep skin nourishment and no to harsh chemicals and toxins with our Hygia Balm range.

Hygia Balm is crafted from high-quality Australian organic ingredients without harmful chemical fillers. Each jar of Hygia Balm is professionally made from ingredients that have been proven to nourish our skin: organic Manuka honey, pure virgin olive oil, and beeswax.


Give your skin all the nutrients it needs with Manuka Honey. The antimicrobial property of Manuka Honey makes it effective against wounds, skin inflammation and infections.


Pure, first-press Olive Oil for deep skin hydration. Effective against sun damage, Olive Oil is also a natural anti-aging solution. So, moisturise your skin right while slowing the signs of ageing with the goodness of Olive Oil.


Beeswax for soft, healthy and glowing skin. Beeswax is a natural skin barrier that protects your skin against harmful toxins present in your surroundings while nourishing it from within. It helps retain moisture for longer and visibly softens your skin.

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Eco Friendly

Cruelty-free and recyclable packaging

Zero Side Effects

Zero possibility of allergies or any other adverse effects

Complete Skin Care with Zero Side Effects

Hygia Balm is not a basic moisturiser but an effective solution infused with a healing touch.

Hygia Balm can assist with cuts, scars, or burns or use it as your daily moisturiser. Free from chemicals, Hygia Balm can do wonders for your skin, with zero possibility of allergies or any other adverse effects. It is fit for daily usage and fit for adults, teenagers, babies and the older generation.

Quick Results
See quick and lasting results with regular application.
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Complete Nourishment
Hydrates, moisturises and softens your skin.
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Easy to Apply
Best used after a hot shower when pores are receptive to moisturiser, ensuring it works best.
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Delivering the soothing and nourishing touch your skin needs.
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Environmentally friendly
Cruelty-free and recyclable packaging.
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Organic Concoction
Made with the goodness of Manuka Honey, Olive Oil and Beeswax.
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Why So Many Australians Love Hygia Balm

Our cherished and satisfied customers say that Hygia Balm is most effective on dry skin, especially around cracked heels and chapped lips.

Eczema sufferers have also remarked that it eased their irritation and relieved them of their itchiness.

Our customer reviews have proven Hygia Balm’s effectiveness against scabs, acne, inflammation and scars.

We are proud to have treated an unknown skin condition for one of our customers where other creams failed to.

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