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Privacy Policy

At Hygia Balm, we value the privacy of all our customers and take adequate measures to protect your personal information against leaks and breaches of any kind. Your information will be safe in our encrypted database and secure against any third-party unauthorised access.

What Information Do We Collect?
  • Contact Forms
    We gather personal information like email, phone no., name, etc., from all our prospective clients via contact forms. We use the information to keep them updated regarding our promotional offers, new launches, etc.
  • Checkout
    Your personal information, including your name, address, phone number, email address, etc., will be collected during checkout. We use this personal data to process your order.
  • Cookies
    To provide a satisfactory browsing experience, we collect information indirectly through enabled cookies. We have set up several cookies to secure and save your login information and screen display choices like language, font size and other browser preferences.

Note: Session cookies are removed after each browsing session, and the persistent ones are saved for longer. If you select the “Remember Me” option, cookies will save your login information. The login cookies will be removed once you log out of your account.

How do we Use Your Personal Information?
  • All the personal information you provide is used to fulfil the order placed through the website and deliver a seamless experience.
  • We use your contact information to establish a direct line of communication between our team at Hygia Balm and our customers. We send regular updates regarding our price cuts and new launches.
  • We use your basic information, like IP addresses, to do security checks and detect frauds.
What Rights do you have Over Your data?
  • Access
    You can always demand an exported file of the personal data we have stored in our encrypted database.
  • Erase
    You have the full authority to request the erasure of all your personal information from our database. But this excludes any information stored for legal or security purposes.
  • Update
    For updating your personal information, like a phone number or delivery address, you can reach us at and place your request.
Who do we Share Your Data With?

We save all your information within our encrypted database, and it can only be accessed by authorised parties. We will share your information with third parties under certain circumstances.

  • We will share your information with our delivery partners to complete your order.
  • We will be obliged to share your personal information with the concerned authorities if mandated by the law. We can share your information with government authorities to prevent fraud or to respond to legal orders like search warrants.
How do we Protect your Data?

We share all your personal information in a database secured against leaks, breaches and unauthorised access of any kind. We use encryption and multi-factor authentication to protect your data from being accessed by unauthorised parties.

How to Raise Concerns regarding Privacy Policy?

In case you have any queries or concerns regarding our privacy policy, you can reach our online privacy coordinator at

Updates To Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is open to updates whenever needed. We at Hygia Balm reserve the full authority to initiate such updates without any prior notice. When you browse through our website, you consent to the updated version of the privacy policy.

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